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A tiny bit at a time I am gaining ground on DDR Supernova. Today I got two or three more Showdown cards -- EX on Phantom and Nitro, Diamond EX on Phantom -- and beat the Visual Blast course. I'm more proud of the course than I am the showdown cards. It's 6 songs rated 6-7-7-8-8-8. That's nine minutes of activity, the last 5 involving frequent excursions into thoroughly anaerobic territory. Even that wouldn't be so bad except that the last song (Flow, Jammin Ragga Mix) has two or three groups of about 10 steps in 2 seconds each. Miss more than one or two of them and it's game over, bud. Well, today I finally beat it. I think I made it through the last twenty or thirty seconds on sheer willpower because I sure didn't have any kind of rhythm going.

Best of all, beating that course unlocked three of the 10-foot boss songs. Now I can open them up in Training Mode and start taking them apart.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go guzzle a huge amount of water to replace what I sweated off.
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On many of the faster songs in DDR, it's the off-beat steps that'll really get you, especially in pairs. Triplets are easy to spot. The solution to this, for me, is to play through a song a couple times in Training mode. There you have a wonderful option called Handclap which adds a handclap sound at every step. It's perfect for getting a feel for the rhythm in irregular sections. Then, once I have a sense for how it matches the music, I can usually complete the song.

Now, if only I had that in regular game mode, I could get a lot more 9-footers on the first try...

Meanwhile I'm still continuing my assault on the courses I ranted about last time. Two of them are a matter of learning the 9-foot songs that cap them off. Most of the rest are about sheer stamina. Both are something I can work up to but it doesn't happen instantly.

I will beat these courses yet. I will lose the weight I don't want to be carrying around.
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This is about DDR and will probably be meaningless to almost all of you. Such is life.

Luck was against you... maybe! )
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1. I don't care how simple the stepchart is. 400bpm is too fast for me to be able to sight-read and complete the song on the first try.

2. I don't yet have the stamina to complete a 10-footer.

3. Nine-footers take some practice.

4. Practice helps a lot.

5. Courses are a lot more intense than doing the songs separately.

6. Some of the people who write these stepcharts are professional sadists.

7. This game is a lot of addictive fun.

I'm working on DDR SuperNOVA right now. I've unlocked all the songs except the red ones and all the courses up through Boss Rush 1. I'm working my way through the courses to test [ profile] neko_san's hypothesis that playing all the courses lets you buy Endless Mode. It's good exercise. There are also a few songs that are just plain fun. Matsuri (J-Summer mix) and Tino's White Horse are in that category.


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