Apr. 28th, 2008 12:33 pm
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Not the waterfowl or the activity; the city. Work travel has brought me to Duck, North Carolina for a few days. I'm staying at a hotel called the Sanderling Inn and discovering that I really should do this vacation thing more often.

I got very lucky on this trip to compensate for a bit of scheduling unpleasantness. Last week from Wednesday through Friday I was in Arlington for a workshop. The get-together I'm at right now started yesterday evening and runs through Wednesday afternoon. Since it would have been monumentally inefficient (and, more to the point, quite expensive) for me to fly home on Saturday and then back out here on Sunday, I was able to argue successfully for a rare luxury: a day off in a nice hotel with work picking up the tab. That's never happened to me before. In an age of ever-decreasing budgets it's conceivable that it won't ever happen again. I enjoyed it for everything it's worth. If this weren't already an eight-day trip, and if it weren't a day's drive each way, I would have tacked on some extra time on the trip to go visit [ profile] clubjuggler and [ profile] jklgoduke. There's always November.

I'm no more than a hundred yards from the ocean. On the drive in I passed so many millions of dollars of houses that my brain overflowed. On the Outer Banks even the one-story houses are two stories tall to allow for the hurricanes. When I lived in Chapel Hill a hurricane was something we planned for but expected to see only rarely. There's a lot of terrain that will slow down, exhaust, or divert any weather before it gets to us. Out here... a hurricane will roll right over the island without even blinking. I can only imagine what the insurance must cost.

My hair is a hopeless mess of curls from the humidity. It doesn't matter what I do to it or how acceptable it appears in the mirror: within 15 minutes it's back to whatever shape it cares to assume.

Vacation. I really should do that sort of thing more often.
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